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Immediate breast reconstruction

Pericardium for immediate breast reconstruction.
Rapidly integrating high-density collagen matrix
1 month, total remodeling 6-12 months. High elasticity
high tensile strength excellent suture strength.


  • Acellular bovine pericardium free of antigenic reactions

  • Certificate 93/42 / EEC Reg.EU n ° 722/2012

  • Sterilized by Beta rays 25 kgj


  • Provides excellent support for tissue expansion

  • Total coverage of the plant

  • Helps keep the implant in the pocket

  • Rapid vascularization


  • Ready to use

  • Easy to cut and sew

  • Can be stored at room temperature

  • 5 years of validity

Membrana in pericardio Exaflex


  • Exaflex is a membrane made of double-layered bovine pericardium designed for the onestep technique in immediate breast reconstruction following cancer.


  • Made of bovine pericardium of Italian origin

  • Double non-stick and adherent layer

  • Fenestrata or net

  • Shapeable

  • Elastic

  • Resorbable

  • Wide range of sizes

  • No MRI interference

  • No X-ray and ultrasound interference

  • Reduced need for drainage

  • Reduced healing times


  • The fibrillar layer adheres in a short time to the patient's skin, reducing the tension on the sutures and ensuring adequate support for even large prostheses.

  • Collagen promotes both the healing process and the healing of soft tissues

Risultato clinico tumore al seno con membrana in pericardio Exaflex

Clinical result 6 months after surgery

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